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The stages of your child’s development occur quickly, because they are learning new tasks and activities. Several examples of your child development milestones are usually accomplished with other children within the same age range of a specific stage.


During Pre-school stage, the milestones are the following:


  • Enhance gross motor skills; hopping, jumping, climbing, running and riding, tricycles
  • Enhance fine motor skills and eye hand coordination
  • Cut with scissors
  • Draw shapes


  • Increase levels of ego-centric, illogical and magical thinking
  • Increase levels of vocabulary, two-way communication and grammar
  • Increase levels of imagination
  • Accurate memory


  • Cooperative with others
  • May involve fantasy and imaginary fiends
  • Understand the ability to take turns while playing games
  • Increase levels of social skills
  • Basic understanding of gender roles
  • Increase levels of curiosity
  • Completion of activities are self-directed
  • Understand basic concepts of what is right vs. wrong
  • Increase levels of frustration
  • Better control with delay gratification
  • Increase effort to control emotions
  • Increase effort with less emotional outburst
  • Give own first/ last name and age
  • Begin asking questions
  • Use complete sentences consistently
  • Communicate a simple sentence
  • Sing a simple song
  • Ask a variety of questions using "who", "what", "where"
  • Tell a story using pictures



During Pre-Kindergarten stage, the milestones are the following:

Examples of Large/Gross Motor Skills


  • Balance/hop on one foot for longer periods of time
  • Catch a ball in hands, arms flexed
  • Walk backward
  • Throw a ball with accuracy


Examples of Small/Fine Motor Skills


  • Hold paper in place with one hand while writing with the other
  • Draw recognizable pictures
  • Draw or copy shapes
  • Lace shoes or lacing board
  • Cut with scissors following a simple outline



  • Draw sun, animals, trees, flowers, etc.
  • Comprehend concept of opposites
  • Work on a 12-piece (or larger) puzzle
  • Draw a two-part or 3-part person
  • Identify colors when named
  • Identify shapes
  • Communicate extended sentences logically


  • Ask for help when needed
  • Engage in cooperative play with small groups of children
  • Give attention to stories for 10-15 minutes
  • Initiate friendships with peers
  • Play interactive games
  • Play with peers with minimal conflict
  • Interact with adults in a cooperative, socially appropriate manner


  • Develop a sense of humor
  • Show increasing levels of positive interactions and friendliness in small-group settings
  • Respond to a specific need/desire when expressed by another child
  • Verbalize and is comfortable expressing a wider variety of emotions
  • Openly express affection to other children
  • Comfort other children
  • Able to return to equilibrium after experiencing stress
  • Exhibit concern for fairness in what happens to others by sharing and/or taking turns

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